Wednesday, January 25, 2023


New Room

We have moved to a new classroom! After spending time in Room 5 we decided we like it better than our longtime Room 2. Room 5 has better lighting and more counter space. It really has made it easier to see what we are doing with tiny little knots!!!

Saturday Meeting

We have started an extra meeting on the 3rd Saturday of every month.  The Senior Center is open 10AM - 1PM. We are in Room 5. Come Join Us!

Age Exemption

Tatting is considered to be a "lost art" and classes cannot be commonly found elsewhere. Because of that the Senior Center has agreed to let people under the age of 50 participate as long as they buy a Senior Center membership.

Monday, October 4, 2021


As of Oct 5 we are back on the official schedule for meeting IN PERSON at the Richardson Senior Center. We are scheduled to be in our usual room (Room 2) from 3:30 – 8PM. 

 A few things to keep in mind:


    They are checking everyone for Senior Center memberships at the front desk. You can purchase your membership there. Prices vary based on your age and if you are a Richardson resident. I’m attaching the rates below. 

  Richardson Residents with a previously purchased lifetime Senior Center membership will not be required to pay any more fees.

UPDATED TO ADD: A lot of Non-Residents purchased/renewed our Senior Center membership to prepare to move to the Huffines facility while the Senior Center was going to be closed for construction. Because COVID happened immediately after that, we never got to use our membership. The Senior Center is honoring what is left on that membership and no fees will be due until January. Yea! 

(This only applies to Senior Center memberships not Recreation Center senior memberships which are meant for use at Huffines/Heights)

-         AGES

   The Senior Center lowered their membership entry age to 50 – and they are sticking to that. If a tatter was a member or attended before the center closed, they are still welcome and grandfathered in.


  They converted the bathroom closest to us to be a women's restroom. (Yea!) So, don't go over to the restroom we used to use. You will run into Men, lol! 


    It’s been a long while since we have all been together and I can’t wait! Let’s all remember our voluntary courtesy decision to avoid discussions about hot-button topics like politics or religion to avoid interpersonal conflict.


Thursday, January 23, 2014


  1. Handmade lace fashioned by looping and knotting thread on a small hand shuttle or needle.
  2. The act or art of making such lace.
Our tatting group started in June 2008 and now has over 30 members! We offer FREE instruction. And we have supplies to get you started. Many of us have won ribbons at the Texas State Fair and have even been asked to demonstrate tatting there. We have both shuttle and needle tatters in our group, and would love to welcome you! Newcomers must be 50 years old to participate.

We meet at the Richardson Senior Center.
820 W Arapaho Road
Richardson TX 75080
(972) 744-7800

The Tuesday Tatters get together 
every Tuesday 
from 3:30 to 8 PM.
Come and go as you please. 

Needle Tatting lessons are held 
on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

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