What Is Tatting?

is a lacemaking technique.  The lace is formed with a pattern of rings and chains that are made from a repetition of knots, called double stitches (ds), over a core thread.  Tatting dates to the early 19th century. 

There are two methods of tatting:

Shuttle Tatting
(early 1800's)
This is the older method . Thread is wound on a shuttle. The shuttle is passed under and over a core thread to form double stitches.

Book with DVD :
Learn to Tat by Janette Baker
ISBN-10: 1590122232 | ISBN-13: 9781590122235

There are many different styles of shuttle tatting:

Our Founder, Mary Jo's Technique

The "Slip and Slide"

The "Reverse Regio"

Needle Tatting
This is a slightly later technique . The double stitches are formed on a needle. Then the core thread is drawn through the stitches with the needle.

Right Handed Needle Tatting Instructions

Left Handed Needle Tatting Instructions

Book and DVD By Barbara Foster
ISBN 1-883432-05-7

Tatting is an affordable hobby! 
You can get started for under $20!
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Be sure to search YOU TUBE for helpful shuttle and needle tatting videos!